Desert Hills Labradors’ owned by myself Raygen Best, and assisted by my parents Scott and Lisa Hensley. We are a small breeder that is located in Paulden Az ( 30 min North of Prescott) and some of our litters are at Scott and Lisa house in Desert Hills . Desert Hills Labradors’ reputation in the United States is for producing sound, beautiful Labradors with wonderful temperaments.

I grew up in Desert Hills, AZ with a endless love for our cats, dogs, chickens, hamsters, guinea pigs and any other animal I could sneak into my parents house without them noticing. This love for animals and their well being that was founded in my childhood, carried over as a love for what has become my life’s work. My passion for dogs came naturally and my ability to read dogs and train, easily followed. I spent hours outside as a child with my dogs, I often fantasized as a child about becoming a Veterinarian and living on a Ranch with 100's of rescued and neglected dogs under my care.

My parents decided that Labradors would be a perfect fit for our home as they had three small children and wanted a sound animal with a very loving personality that would enjoy being around us, as much as we enjoyed being around him/her! So my dad set out on a very big adventure to find our family the most perfect Chocolate Lab that we could afford! We visited many homes in search of our new family dog. Most of the time I left disappointed, as he was never quite satisfied with the ones we were looking at. So my mom and I decided that we were going to learn everything we could about the breed and the breed standard. That is when I discovered I could show dogs in the ring as a Jr. Handler....I was so excited to say the least!

After months of searching we had finally found our perfect companion...a beautiful Chocolate Lab that we named Sienna! She was an amazing dog and I learned so much from her. I taught her obedience and she taught me patience, I taught her how to sleep in my bed and she taught me that she could sneak out of my bed quiet as a mouse, and chew up every shoe in my bedroom in a matter of 3 hours. But this love I had for dogs only grew and little did I know the Adventure that it would take me on for the next 10 years.

Desert Hills Labradors is a small kennel located in North Phoenix Arizona. We typically have 1-2 litters of chocolate; blacks and yellow Labrador puppies per year of the "English" style Labrador Retriever.

In 2013 I got married and me and my Husband moved to Paulden Az which is about 30 min North of Prescott. We took some of the dogs with us so together with my parents down in the valley we still breed together as one kennel.

The focus of our breeding program is soundness, breed conformation and above all temperament. All of our dogs are registered with the AKC (American Kennel Club) and certified with the OFA Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.